Dallas Street Art

Taken by David Burton

Every now and then I enjoy driving to Dallas and parking the car and walk around and snap pictures. Today was no exception. I was pretty impress with what I captured. I always take pictures of buildings, birds, clouds. Today I wanted to capture the art that was depicted on some of the buildings in Dallas.

In my opinion some of the art work was very creative. Like the picture above. I actually zoomed in for that picture. Below is the entire shot. I thought the time the artist took to create this definitely deserves mentioning here.

Taken by David Burton

That is talent oozing from their fingertips. I am no artist but I really respect and admire artist who take pride in their creations. I don’t have much of a life you are probably thinking. Yes! I am somewhat of a geek and love taking pictures of random things. I think this piece is really good.

I am not photographer, I just enjoy taking pictures on some of my weekends. Below are some more pictures I have taken this morning.

Picture Taken By David Burton

The picture below is at the AT&T center. However, the picture is of a video that constantly changes. I snapped a picture of what it displayed at that time.

Picture Taken By David Burton.
Picture Taken David Burton.

The picture above is zoomed in so you can see all the details . The picture below is the entire piece.

I have taken over two-hundred pictures however, I thought these were mentioning here. I hope you enjoyed the look around some of Dallas, Texas building pictures. I really enjoy taken walks around downtown Dallas on the weekends. It is really laid back and the people I have encounter are very nice.

It has been a change for me since it was the first time going back out for a nice stroll through downtown Dallas since the pandemic. It was really nice to see a great deal of people just enjoying the outdoors. I for one, am glad I ventured out with my camera.


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