The Audacity of Hope

Since the pandemic hit in the early part of 2020, I attached myself to the realm of hope.  Selfishly I believed and hoped for the best for humanity and society as a whole.  I was grieving the loss of several family members who have passed before the pandemic hit.   My wife has suffered a heart attack in the fall of 2019 and again in March of 2020.  That was the same month amazing doctors at Baylor Heart Hospital performed an emergency operation on my wife to implant a left ventricular assist device that saved her life.

Throughout the entire year, I felt I was living on eggshells.  Watching the news was depressing as they reported so many people have succumbed to the virus and loss their lives.  I like so many others implemented in my daily routines with prayer.  Not just for myself, family members, but people all over the world. I search deep within myself and muster up hope for my situation and share that hope with my wife, who had enough to worry about with her health.  However, to add Covid-19 to the mix was somehow unimaginable.

I watch as my wife lives with this fear of getting sick, and I fear myself or family members passing any sickness to her.  The one thing I can control is my prayer and hope.  Prayer has never failed us.  Hope has strengthened us.   I know with God, anything is possible, and with prayer and faith, we are not by ourselves.  With the power of hope, we share a common thread with thousands who look to their creator for strength, guidance, mercy.

If you dare to hope and have the audacity to believe in something greater, something better, take time out of your busy schedule and share some of that hope with family, friends, and all who will accept your good intentions.