Face Your Fears

Fear, we all had it and may still have some sort of fear right now. For some people fear can be downright frightening and can alter reality. Fear is something we learn as we grown up. When you were a toddler you were fearless. Learning how to walk, you fall down and get back up. You fall off sofa’s you cry and do it again and if not watched touch things that can harm you constantly because you didn’t know any better. Because you had NO FEAR! Don’t let fear chain you down to where it alters your path in life.

I found this online and thought this is perfect for this discussion.
I found this online and thought this is perfect for this discussion.

Wishing for fear to go away is not the same as facing your fears. I remember a long time ago as a young teenager I use to have trouble in school a lot. We had this bully in one of my classes who use to rile up the other kids including myself often. I use to think of going to school bully free and was naive enough to believe it was possible. I had soon found out it wasn’t but the thought of not being bullied stayed on my mind all the time. I realize I was consumed with finding a solution not only for myself but also for my classmates as well.
Every day I would try to be nice to the kid that always bullied me and my classmates. I would even go as far as trying to befriend him and bribe him and later found that tactic would prove futile. Until one night on television I was watching a regular nightly program that touched base with bullying. This gave me ideas on different methods to try and as a last resort would be violence or embarrassment. I didn’t want to try any of latter because I was afraid.

This was the first time I realize without knowing it then I would have to prepare myself to face my fears. I really didn’t understand my fear to even know how to deal with it, let alone confront what I feared. I did the next best thing. I asked my mother as if I was the second party person for a friend. I know the advice I received was somehow not for my friend but for me. My mother played along at first and then made a visit to the school unbeknownst to me and was able to see firsthand what I and my classmates were going through. bully-4

I later found out she had tears streaming from her face as she watched the bully terrorize other kids in lunchroom and as well in the classes as the teacher would turn his back and write on the black board. My mother never said she was at the school right away but she would enlist the help of my uncle who have been in the military to sit down and have a talk with me. The first thing my uncle did was tell me a story on how he was bullied in high school. The story resonated with me because it was what I was experiencing at the time he was telling me his story of long ago.

It’s funny as well as strange, once my uncle finish his story I felt a sense of relief. Not because he cared and loved me enough to tell me what he went through as a teenager. I was relieve to know there was nothing wrong with me and that facing bullies is part of life and part of growing up. Once my uncle finished his story he asked me one simple question. What do you fear? That is when I let the barn doors open and the cows came home, metaphorically speaking. I opened up and allowed my uncle to visualize all that had happen. I have also explained all the things that I tried and didn’t work. My uncle commended me and said sometimes bullies have their own deficiencies, their own fears and don’t want anyone to know or see them because that is their fear.

My uncle explained there comes a time in everyone’s life where they should face their fear. With most bullies you can either mentally fight back with words or with action. My uncle said stern words should be tried first and if prove unsuccessful then followed up with action. In my case all it took was for me to confront the bully in front of a lot of people and he never bullied me or my classmates again. I faced my fears and realize one thing early on. Fear if you let it can not only consume you but change your life and keep you from realizing your full potential in life.

So what is it you fear? Is it starting that new business? Perhaps asking for a raise, or asking what you believe could be the love of your life on that first date. Remember the little toddler within and become fearless again, soar through the skies of uncertainty knowing you were fearless and no matter the outcome. You can relish in the victory of knowing you did not let you fear hold you back from another learning experience to better yourself, to reach your destiny in life’s journey, or perhaps become one of the happiest people on earth by finding the love of your life.

Again, I would like to thank you for reading my post. I always try to have a positive message that will uplift and encourage you to move forward in the quest of life. My hope for you is to be able to face your biggest fear in life and reap the rewards of victory. God bless and have a great day.