Face Your Fears

Fear, we all had it and may still have some sort of fear right now. For some people fear can be downright frightening and can alter reality. Fear is something we learn as we grown up. When you were a toddler you were fearless. Learning how to walk, you fall down and get back up. You fall off sofa’s you cry and do it again and if not watched touch things that can harm you constantly because you didn’t know any better. Because you had NO FEAR! Don’t let fear chain you down to where it alters your path in life.

I found this online and thought this is perfect for this discussion.
I found this online and thought this is perfect for this discussion.

Wishing for fear to go away is not the same as facing your fears. I remember a long time ago as a young teenager I use to have trouble in school a lot. We had this bully in one of my classes who use to rile up the other kids including myself often. I use to think of going to school bully free and was naive enough to believe it was possible. I had soon found out it wasn’t but the thought of not being bullied stayed on my mind all the time. I realize I was consumed with finding a solution not only for myself but also for my classmates as well.
Every day I would try to be nice to the kid that always bullied me and my classmates. I would even go as far as trying to befriend him and bribe him and later found that tactic would prove futile. Until one night on television I was watching a regular nightly program that touched base with bullying. This gave me ideas on different methods to try and as a last resort would be violence or embarrassment. I didn’t want to try any of latter because I was afraid.

This was the first time I realize without knowing it then I would have to prepare myself to face my fears. I really didn’t understand my fear to even know how to deal with it, let alone confront what I feared. I did the next best thing. I asked my mother as if I was the second party person for a friend. I know the advice I received was somehow not for my friend but for me. My mother played along at first and then made a visit to the school unbeknownst to me and was able to see firsthand what I and my classmates were going through. bully-4

I later found out she had tears streaming from her face as she watched the bully terrorize other kids in lunchroom and as well in the classes as the teacher would turn his back and write on the black board. My mother never said she was at the school right away but she would enlist the help of my uncle who have been in the military to sit down and have a talk with me. The first thing my uncle did was tell me a story on how he was bullied in high school. The story resonated with me because it was what I was experiencing at the time he was telling me his story of long ago.

It’s funny as well as strange, once my uncle finish his story I felt a sense of relief. Not because he cared and loved me enough to tell me what he went through as a teenager. I was relieve to know there was nothing wrong with me and that facing bullies is part of life and part of growing up. Once my uncle finished his story he asked me one simple question. What do you fear? That is when I let the barn doors open and the cows came home, metaphorically speaking. I opened up and allowed my uncle to visualize all that had happen. I have also explained all the things that I tried and didn’t work. My uncle commended me and said sometimes bullies have their own deficiencies, their own fears and don’t want anyone to know or see them because that is their fear.

My uncle explained there comes a time in everyone’s life where they should face their fear. With most bullies you can either mentally fight back with words or with action. My uncle said stern words should be tried first and if prove unsuccessful then followed up with action. In my case all it took was for me to confront the bully in front of a lot of people and he never bullied me or my classmates again. I faced my fears and realize one thing early on. Fear if you let it can not only consume you but change your life and keep you from realizing your full potential in life.

So what is it you fear? Is it starting that new business? Perhaps asking for a raise, or asking what you believe could be the love of your life on that first date. Remember the little toddler within and become fearless again, soar through the skies of uncertainty knowing you were fearless and no matter the outcome. You can relish in the victory of knowing you did not let you fear hold you back from another learning experience to better yourself, to reach your destiny in life’s journey, or perhaps become one of the happiest people on earth by finding the love of your life.

Again, I would like to thank you for reading my post. I always try to have a positive message that will uplift and encourage you to move forward in the quest of life. My hope for you is to be able to face your biggest fear in life and reap the rewards of victory. God bless and have a great day.


There are times where you can be mentally stretched to what may seem like unimaginable lengths, or perhaps you may not have a clear direction or handle on of the path you want to take. You find your self stuck in a state of dysfunctional progression with the misconception of saying to yourself if “I’ll keep on doing the same thing until I am able to find a way or answer to the dilemma I am facing.” At the same time you are being torn in every direction and the confusion seems as if will not stop. You may even ask why you cannot find an answer to the ever elusive question, “how”.

Sometimes if you take twenty minutes to an hour and be still to meditate or deeply reflect on your situation you can find solace in the answers that gives comfort, resilience, strength, and clarity to move forward in the ocean of uncertainty. We sometimes have to put on the breaks and stop!!! Reflect, detect, and dissect what is the root cause of confusion or uncertainty. Without knowing where you are now will be detrimental to where you end up later.

Reflection allows us to assess what has happen and take stock, and re-position ourselves to be more effective. It also allows us to learn from past mistakes and successes which will enable our futures to benefit from the good and avoid the mishaps of the past. Detection is to realize you may have veered off course a little and need some readjustment. In life we tend to get off course and sometimes if we are not careful will end up in places we might regret being. It is also the beginning stages of taking full responsibility for our actions and not blame others for our decisions up to the point of detection. Detection affords us the opportunity to take action and get ready for change.

To dissect allows us to examine and evaluate how mistakes came about or what enabled you to produced successful results. You will deconstruct critical elements as you delve into the mass details by expanding microscopic units of action taken. For instance; this could be the five minutes you spent on the phone wasting time, or the T.V show you could not miss, or hanging out with the boys or girls. I’m sure you get the picture. I want to forewarn you; this is a critical process and step that should not be taken lightly. To dissect is an integral part to gaining clarity and clarity will give a renew sense of focus to your journey and eliminate the confusion. The process of dissecting will help you formulate further truths about yourself that otherwise may have been undetected had you not gone the process of dissecting.

So is resilience something that we can produce at any time? Or is it something that will occur when the odds are stacked against us and it’s almost if there is no other way out of a situation but to go right through the treacherous storms of life to come out on the other side in one piece with all our faculty in tack?
What’s your take? Do you remember a time you have shown great resilience?

Success Is Possible

Success is all around us. It’s there for you and I to seize the opportunity to eradicate past failures and relish in the successes of the future. Why aren’t more people successful? It’s simple and however, disheartening but a harsh reality, is they don’t truly don’t believe they can be successful. The lack of belief is almost like a sickness in itself.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”
Napoleon Hill.

“For as he thinketh in his heart so his he.”
Proverbs 23:7

Think about this for a moment, if things are not going your way you have the power to change your situation starting with how you thing, what you think, the information you take in and the people you associate with. We been giving instructions on how to do this a long time ago and many people have ignored the instructions.

“be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind”
Romans 12:2

You can change the way we think that will ultimately provide different outcomes. So many of us have been condition as children by being told; you can’t do that, stop that, and here is a big one, “No.” Perhaps you been around people who have said to you at some point “you can’t do that” or “that’s impossible”. These people who say that may not mean no to harm you but since they can’t see it for themselves it’s IMPOSSIBLE for them to see it for you. They, in essence impose their own limiting beliefs on you and if you accept it, then you only limit your own growth.

I want to help you break the chains of mediocre and move you into the change that will super ignite your future with success. The first thing you must realize is you can do anything humanly possible. It all starts with your belief system. Like a computer, we must input information to get a desired result. If we want to see windows on our computer we have to download Microsoft windows and configure it to work correctly. Once we configure it to work correctly we then can tweak to look the way we want and do certain thing we would like it to do. Including changing screen savers, have the weather come up when the desktop loads and so on.

Our brains are like a great big intricate computer system too. So wouldn’t make sense to input information to obtain results we so desire. For instance; when a person decides they want to learn to drive they either pick up a learner’s permit book to learn the laws first and take a written or computer test to prove they understand the laws of the road. Then one would have to PRACTICE driving on the road with an experience license driver who has a proven track record in good standing.

The key here is; when getting ready to drive there are things you must learn and practice constantly and consistently to become a good driver. Well, it’s the same with your life. Whatever you decide you want to do there are rules that govern what you must learn to create what you desire. You may have to learn new academic skills, if you want to enter the technical arena you will have to learn technical skills, and if you want to become more likable, have more friends, you have to learn and improve your social skills.

The great news is there are books on just about anything you can imagine to learn. You have to know it’s POSSIBLE!!! It all starts with you believing you can learn to become a better version of you. You must become who you were truly destine to be. You have the POWER to ACHIEVE SUCCESS beyond your wildest imagination. You just need to prove to yourself you can do it! Remember it doesn’t matter what anyone else says. All that matters is what you say to you when everyone stops talking. Let me help you here. I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!

I hope this has been an inspirational message and hope to inspire and enriched the lives of all who have taken the time out of their busy schedule to read this. I would love to get your feedback so please comment.

Thanks and have a super Bless and productive Day!!!!

Reset Your Life Starting Now

Have you ever wanted to do something over because you didn’t get it right the first time? Sort of like entering the wrong password too many times and it requires you to reset your password before you can have access to whatever it is that you are trying to access.
I know there are probably things in your life that happen and you may not be proud of or wish you can take back. Or perhaps you said something to someone that you really didn’t mean but the damage is done and you wish you can take back what you have said.

Perhaps somewhere along life’s journey in your marriage the fire has died and that passion for one another is simply and regrettable dormant and you want to get it back. Maybe you let yourself go and you don’t like the way you look now. Or may you feel you are stuck in a dead end job or career and really could use a change.
No matter where you are today, no matter what you have gone through in the past. Today you can start over by pressing the reset button. You can start mending and repairing your marriage by doing the simple things that you normally take for granted. You can start today building new bridges of trust, passion, friendship and desire for one another. You can start learning new skills to make you more marketable.

Today, you can reset your life and stop living in the past and move forward to the future of a better you. Today you can start a new beginning for yourself and others.
One may ask how? The first thing you have to do is take ownership of where you are today and not blame anyone for your misgivings and short-cummings. You MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and own up to your current situation. You cannot control when it gets cold in the winter or hot it gets in the summer. But you can control your life from this point going forward. Make a decision on what you want. Right now!!!! Take the time RIGHT NOW!!! Right on a piece of paper three goals you would like to achieve in the future. Make one goal thirty-days out, then make the second goal six months out, finally make the third goal one year out. When you are done let’s seal the deal and make it real. E-mail goals to me at mygoalsforreal@gmail.com and we will become accountability partners. I want to be instrumental in assisting you achieve your goals. Shoot your goals and if you want I will shoot you my goals as well.

If you don’t that is alright too. The most important thing is you create your goals. This next part of the equation is asking yourself WHY you want to do what you have written down. Then ask yourself how it would make you feel once you have achieved your goals. This is very important right now, so stop right here and visualize this very feeling. How did that feel? Taking these key steps are critical to the reset process. It’s all about you right now. One final thing I want you to do along with this process is to say out loud three times each is “it’s possible, I can do this.” You must remember there are no limitations except the ones you place on yourself. This must be done in repetition and your goals must be read out loud daily.

Every day you must you must do something to move you forward in that direction of correction. Every day you must strengthen your ability to change for the better that allows grow new vines of life. You must seek out new ways of doing things, for instance, If you relationship is not going all that great you must find a common ground to reset and move forward. What are your significant other’s enjoyment? What do they like to do, eat, go, or experience? Cater to those things and you will start to see a major change. However, you have to be consistent, honest, and sincere.

Perhaps you have let yourself go over a period of time. I am here to tell you that there is a way you can improve your status. It all starts with your decision to change for the better.
Not tomorrow, but today. By making new small choices in the way you eat, in the way you think, in your daily activities, and while you travel to and from work or anywhere else, you can be listening to life changing cd’s. If you don’t like the way you look make small changes until you get the desired results you are seeking. For instance, if you want to lose weight, exercise for five minutes every day until you can increase the time. It matters and until it matters to you enough to make the change, things will not get any better. You can do it, I have faith in your change.

Before you know it you will be exercising for about thirty minutes a day losing weight and feeling great. But it first start with you making the decision to start. You have to make the decision to move forward and create action by doing something new today. RESET RIGHT NOW! You depend on it. What about saying something you should not have but since you rattled it out in the atmosphere the damage was done and you regret what was said. This too can be repaired just by hitting the reset button and moving forward from today. How? Well the first thing you have to do is apologize sincerely. There is something about being sincere, people know and can sense you are being sincere.

However, that is only the beginning. The next step is, you have to sit down with that person and seriously talk about how you got to the point of saying what it is that you have said. Then the hard part is finding a common ground to move forward and build trust and harmony with that person. Resetting your password may be a little different then resetting your life but the concept remains the same. You have to reset your attitude, the way you think, the way you eat and act to gain access to your new beginning and what the future holds for you that is positive. You have to reset LIFE today!

I hope this helps and wish you a successful and inspiring day!
I would like to hear your thoughts on what you would like to change and how hard is to make the change.

If you would like to learn more about working inside the 52 states from home
I would like to show, educate, and mentor you to success. Text me at 214-437-9003
“I like to work from home.”

God Bless and have a fantastic day!

The Power In Believing

If you decided to change your life for the better, what triggered the idea to change?  Was it because your favorite jeans became too tight and it’s time to lose some weight?   Perhaps you are tire of living pay check to pay check and want to supplement your income. Whatever the reason for your decision to change, one thing is for sure. You believe there is a better way.

Believe. It’s such a simple word we have learn at such a young age but has a powerful substance in meaning. When we take it upon ourselves to believe in something we can move mountains metaphorically speaking. There is something that happens when we start to believe in something. It’s like the cosmos, the atmosphere, start to align up and our abilities and resources start to grow toward the thing we believe in. It’s AMAZING right? It’s like you are going to buy a new car and one of the reasons you like this car besides the great mileage, its safety record is, it’s different and as soon as you drive it off the lot you start seeing many others driving the same vehicle you thought at first not many people had.

How strange it seems when this happens; but it’s not strange at all, it’s normal. You were not in the realm of that new car until you bought it. Once you bought the car, you started to learn more about it. The great things it does and some of the pitfalls for having such a car. The same goes when you decide to change your life.

You find out all the new great thing you can do and you begin to discover there is no limit to what you can achieve accept the limit you place on yourself. However, just like the new car you purchase there are some pitfalls that come with changing your life as well.   Sometimes on the road to change or to become a better person and grow more productive in society. We may sometimes have to take this road alone. Now, for all of you who have supportive family and friends to help you stretch and grow through the process that’s great. But there are some people who don’t. Some people relationship become toxic and regrettably need to be severed so change can take place. Just like the caterpillar cannot fly until it goes through the transformation of the cocoon and become a butterfly.

You must sever all relations that will hold you back from soaring with the eagles of change in that big vast sky of opportunity. Once you do, you will discover talents you never thought you had and may would have never witness had you continued on the road complacency. But now, you are on the road to creating a new bright future for yourself learning will be key to making your change happen. Why is that? Let’s go back to losing weight. In order to lose weight and keep the fat off long term it not a diet you want to look at because diets are like fads, they come and go with no longevity. In order to lose weight effectively and maintain the weight off for good is to change your lifestyle. You will have stopped eating the way you have that produced the over-weight and start adapting to a healthier lifestyle that will create a healthier you for the rest of your life.

Believing you can create the change is half the battle, becoming educated on maintaining change another part of the battle and being consisted is the secret to the change you believe in. As I said before you can do it alone but it will supersede your progress you have the support of family and friends or find the company of new support group that are traveling along the same avenue of change you are. For instance; if you want to lose weight find others who are achieving the weight loss goals and enjoying the process. You want to become more spiritual go to church more or read the bible more or find support groups. If you want to supplement your income find others who are doing what you want to do successful.   See, there is no need to try to reinvent the wheel. However, there’s nothing wrong with improving the design to become better.

Believing in yourself is a critical component to gaining ground in transforming your life. The possibilities of what you are able to achieve are endless. You just have to believe you can move beyond your current status. As a man or women thinketh so is he. This similar text was written many years ago and holds true today. If you think you can’t guess what? You can’t. On the same coin, if you think you can, you can.   I know you can, but me knowing is not good enough. You have to know in your heart of hearts unequivocally beyond a shadow of a doubt you can achieve what you put your heart and mind to achieving. Shoot for the stars and beyond and find greatness and success you deserve.

Here is a great resource for network marketers. If you ever wanted to learn the art of breaking the ice this book is filled with all the secrets, tips, and ideas on creating a profitable dialog for breaking the ice.

The Power Of Positive Thinking

When embarking on any new task, whether it’s school, work, business, sports, or anything new that you are stretching to achieve.   Positive thinking will help you get further than you can imagine. Think about for a minute, you can ask a baseball player how many times you intend to hit the ball and he will say every time. I have learn over the years when we raise our expectation of the desired result we anticipate we will come closer to our desire results. However, for this to work we have to set the bar high enough so that we can stretch, grow, and learn through the process.

I remember when I applied for a helpdesk job, although I knew my way around a computer and networks, I still had to be trained.   If you applied for a job at Burger King you will still have to be trained. Yet, I see so many people enter the industry of network marketing with the misconception they don’t have to learn any new skills. In network marketing you have to be motivated to learn a great deal of skills along the way. The best part of this industry is you can earn while you learn.

Positive thinking will allow you to create the mental ability to unlock characteristics in you that other -wise would lie dormant. You will discover new ways of doing things; you will attract a different type of people who will want to be around you. Most important you will start to become more positive, more self-assured and more confident.

What will this do for your new business? The power of positive thinking well help create growth, it will create enthusiasm and excitement. This will ultimately become contagious for other people who want that excitement, who want the extra income, who want the change of lifestyle and guess what? It’ happens all because you chose to think positive. That’s right my friends, it’s a choice! You chose to be positive or negative.   If you chose to be positive good things happen and if you chose to be negative it can become lethal in so many ways it literally can destroy you and no one will want to be around you.

I believe in you, I believe you can create the outcome you chose to have because after all, it a choice! Think positive and become contagious spreading joy and the ability to help

others change their lives.


On Fire

Have you ever witnessed something on fire?  How about when a fire got out of control and consumed with contagious rage?  It’s intense right?  It’s the same way with success, it’s contagious and when you have the bug it’s contagious.  You are consumed with the excitement, with the rush of momentum to help others, and why is it contagious?  Simply because you want others to feel what you feel, you want others to be able to unlock the excitement, the joy the passion they could have in their lives.

Opportunity is funny, some people look upon it as if it were an event they missed or it’s something that can’t happen to them.  What’s even worst many people carry with them the sad illusion it can only happen to the educated, the gifted, the out-going, the go-getters, the excited, and the people other than themselves.  What’s amazing is, ordinary people like ourselves will dip our feet in the waters of opportunitytoe-in-water3 to see how cold the water is only to find we can be ok in the temperatures of learning something that goes against our entire psyche, against our current laws of understanding because after all, we were raise a certain way to understand, to believe, and whenever something comes along to challenge all that have molded us up to this point can be a little daunting to say the lease.

Something spectacular happens when the ordinary person ventures out in the vast field of opportunity of network marketing.  They discover the meaning of being of being on fire.  When the light bulb goes off inside of their head, when all the tumblers of the lock align in place, they realize the vail that has been placed on them all their lives have finally lifted and they can see without boundaries.  I once heard someone say ignorance on fire.  I personally don’t believe in the term because you don’t want to be ignorant when you are on fire.  You want to be contagious, informative, sincere, helpful insightful and passionate to help others, not ignorant.   Although, this industry is forgiving and allows all to learn as you go.  So, guess what?  It’s ok to makes mistakes because it’s part of learning.

girl on fire

Being in network marketing is a field of learning for the rest of your life.  It’s breath taking, it’s exciting, it’s passion, it’s love, it’s all the things you can imagine that is wonderful and if embraced one-hundred percent you will discover you can do more with your life than you can possibly imagine.


Be on fire and inspire.

The Dream

What is it you want out of life, happiness, security, stability, family, friendship, financial stability, more spirituality?  What are you doing to obtain all that you want.  There is a difference between what you want, desire, aspire to; which is motivation and action.

You have to make a decision to go after what you want.  I know life gets in the way but there are small things if done consecutively and consistently will compound into the desired results you are looking for.

Dare to dream big, go after that vision you once held in your imagination.  You have to believe and know it’s doable.  It’s possible!  If you say this to yourself over and over and put action behind it you will reap some wonderful results.

When I first started in network marketing I never thought for a moment my family would follow me and be involve.  I didn’t even bother asking them.  What happened was incredible.  My family saw that I was excited all the time, happy, and always on the go like never before.  They saw me interacting with more people, forging new friendships and all of a sudden I started to have more money, more things, new clothes and the kicker was I no longer had time to sit around and do, well, practically nothing productive.

Until my son asked  “where you going tonight? I notice you been going out lately.”  I informed him I had a meeting to go to and he is free to join me if he want and do something different for change and he agreed.    When we arrive at the meeting place and I started mingling with all the people.  My son was greeted and started to mingle as well. On the way home my son said “that was a lot of fun, when is the next meeting?”  I turned and laughed and then something amazing happened.  My son asked “how can I do this business?”10001082_1375322322743071_1729356445_o

When we got home that night I pointed my son to my website and he joined of his own free will. What was so amazing was, one hour after my son joined he recruited three of his friends.  They are all still making money in this business today.  That is the power of network marketing.  It gives us average individuals an opportunity to create extraordinary lifestyles by helping one another.  I the name of my blog says; I love my home business.

Go somewhere that will allow you to think of the possibilities and think “WHAT IF”

What could you do with an extra $1000.00, or $3,000.00 a month?


The Beginning

I remember the first day I started my home business.  I was so excited I didn’t know where to begin to tell the world how awesome it was to be able to save money and help other not only save but to create change in other lives that became so contagious its what I live for now.

What is truly extraordinary is to see the many lives that are changed and the rich friendships that are forged because of the this wonderful way of working from home.  77538_1375321369409833_374744083_o

My story was simple, I was a hard working man with a full time job at night and a paint contract business in the day.  I had my hands full and wasn’t looking to take on any new ideas and certainly wasn’t interested in starting any new business ventures.

My days were hectic to say the lease.  With three kids left at home and about to finish high school, I knew I had to continue working hard to make sure I can secure a future for all of us.

One day I was in a client’s home and once I was done painting the home owner invited me to have a bottle water and relax for a few minutes before I was to take the long journey home.

We got to talking and they were telling about a company that was helping people retire in four to five years.  In the past I have heard so many things and also have been involved in network marketing many years ago and since have opted out of the industry.

I was not the bit intrigued and thanked her for her time and hospitality and went home that night.  Fast forward two years latter, my sister said hey you have a moment?  I said sure.

My said requested that I take a look at a video and call her when I was done watching it.  She informed me the video was only twelve minutes and it really was important to her that I watch it.

Well, that was my ah ha moment and all the wheels started to turn with a driven purpose then never before.  Then it struct me; This is the what my client was trying to explain to me and I would not listen.  What I watched was really incredible and I knew would be a game changer for everyone.

Looking at that video was the best business decision I have ever made in my life, for it forever changed my life.  If you have someone who loves you enough to think of you and ask you to view video, hear a tape, get on a three way call, for only a few minutes please take the time and view it for it my be the answer you need.