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Take Action

The details are in the preparation. This is when you do all your research, get your facts, analyze, scrutinize and make your final decisions on what should be done. Once you have all this together you say to yourself “I am ready.” Or perhaps not, because you need to understand certain things a little better and get more clarity to diminish the cloud of uncertainty. Maybe your nerves are in the way to push the final button, to pick up the phone to make the call back or follow up visit. The detail are in the preparation but the results comes from taking action.
For major corporations about to merge or take over another company. The details are in the preparation of course, all legalities must be put in place, what stays the same and what changes must be determine before the acquisition. However, in network marketing the details are in little preparation followed by your action. You learn as you go forward. This business allows anyone with no special skills, no particular background, no specific ethnicity, no one gender, and no special status in life to become successful.

Before I started my own business, I watched and sat on the sidelines while others spent their money eager with anticipation to start to build a business like ordinary people before them did. The home maker, the mother, the single father, the grandmother, the grandfather, the sister, the brother, the doctor with a successful practice, the lawyer, the civil servant, the college student, the coach, the basketball player, the football player, all manner of pro-athletes, and people from all walks of life set their sails on a journey of an exciting growing industry called network marketing.

It's insane how many peoples are looking for better ways.
It’s insane how many peoples are looking for better ways.

I shortly found out that I was stuck on the side lines just watching, saying to myself “I will start soon too.” I asked myself “is there really any truth to this despite proof of watching my own family grow in their own business?” I had the audacity to ask myself such a question when the truth was right in my face. I started to wonder, why didn’t I join when my sister first asked me too? Ah ha! I know. My sister was more successful with more contacts than I. She had a knack for talking to people and I thought who would listen to me. After all I am just an ordinary person. I am not that outgoing and know nothing about sales. I also reasoned with myself on how I would even raise the start up money. There were so many reasons why I shouldn’t join and perhaps it’s not for me, I thought. 419705_370855996271328_519743877_n

One day I went to a meeting the company sponsored. I saw a little old lady and I asked myself, what on earth is she doing here? I took a seat in the back so not to be noticed by anyone. What I learn in that meeting was that little old lady was not able to get by with her pension check. You see, she was struggling to get by like so many ordinary people who are even gainfully employed, to pay her bills, and to do simple things many take for granite, put food on the table. At the ripe wonderful age of seventy-nine she had hoped for something better. She believed there was a better way and striven for something better.

Not only did she joined the company. She was a successful money earner who became the ultimate trend setter in her family. When her family saw the changes in her life they asked questions and she politely answered them and guided them to building their own businesses. Sort of like my sister tried to do for me. Then it hit me, if this retired low speaking women can leap in the vast industry of network marketing and become successful. What’s stopping me? When I was at the meeting I saw young people, elderly individuals, middle age people having fun and they were happy. I wanted that. I wanted to be happy and not have to worry about how I am going to pay my next bill. I wanted that so bad, I asked myself again, “What’s stopping me?” It was my excuses, my fear, and my unbelief in myself, the fear of failure and embarrassment of everyone laughing at me when I failed.

I realize I had to make a decision either allow my excuses and fear to chain me down and continue doing the insanity of working every day for someone who his living their dreams, Or take a bold stand and venture out fear and all into the abyss of the unknown world of network marketing. Guess what? Remember in the beginning I said the detail is in the preparation? Well despite all the people taught me I ventured out with my own way of doing things when I first got started. I put together a little office in my house where I would make phone calls. I put positive saying quoted by other successful people on the walls. I set up my computer, cleaned it out and got prepare to build my very own database of prospects.

The first month went by in the business and I had made no money. The second month went by still not a dime. I bought business cards, flyers, tapes and the third month came around and I haven’t made a dime. In my fourth month I asked for help and explained all that I have done and the person said “that’s great! Let me ask you, how many people have you talked to about your business?” I thought for a minute and answer two, but they were not interested I explained. My mentor said “there is your problem.” Then he said something so profound to me.

He said “Think of it like this David, the people of our society are in a burning building and you have a chance to save every last one of them. Strap on your fire gear and apply the safe passage for all those you will save. How many people do you want to save? He asked me.” I said “all them.” My mentor then said something I wasn’t prepared for. He said David, that is very noble on your part but, you have to remember this is a burning build and its lot of people you are trying to save. There may be casualties, you want be able to save everyone. Just like you don’t get to choose who lives or dies? If you want to save everyone you have to have a plan in place to strategically bring everyone to safe passage.” Then he said, “The key to bringing everyone to safety is taking the right action steps that yields the best possible results.” Take MASSIVE ACTION!!!!


I finally got it, it’s not about me. It’s about helping others achieve their goals, live their passions and ultimately live their dreams. When we help enough people obtain what they want, we inevitably will receive everything we want.
Living life without boundaries.

If you want to learn about an exciting company that can without a shadow of a doubt allow you to reach your full potential in life. That will help you learn critical components of successful principles with the capacity teach others to live an exciting life boundaries. I would like to help you achieve what you want.
As always, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this posting. I hope to engage your thinking and uplift, inform and open new windows of opportunities to you. God Bless and have a great day.