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If You Had One Wish For Christmas What Would You Wish For?

I am conducting a quick survey. If you had one wish for Christmas what would it be? Before you answer I want to your to consider your answer and ask yourself, “is this truly what I would ask for?” Then give your first answer and then your revised answer.
Thanks for being a part of my survey. This survey is for a article that I am writing and the quality of the answer percentage is what I am interested in. The answer if you are sincere has true value and meaning.
Thanks again and have a great day

Great Health Before Financial Wealth

I have a question for you?  Do you pursue good health in front of wealth?  Or can you pursue both?  I wanted to open this idea up to the public and find out the thoughts of those who have achieved this or are in pursue of it.  That balance that allows us to enjoy the best of both worlds.  Of course everyone’s opinions is different, that is what makes this so interesting.  I am interested you your input.  Please post your thoughts.

I have just started a group on facebook called Motivated To Be Fit and invite you to join me in discussions, ideas, and tips on being healthy.  I will also be logging my journey to becoming fit as well. The link you can follow below.