Where Do I Begin

I was asked the other day by a complete stranger who some how arrives at a restaurant around the same time I arrive or may or already be sitting down enjoying their lunch. The question caught me a little off guard, they asked how can you be happy almost every time I see you?  My answered must have really confused them at first because the looked bewildered when I answered.  My answer was simple and only two words.  The person was completely taken back to the point as they were in total dis-belief at the answer I gave them.

Two powerful words, lead to another three powerful words.  Those words had this total stranger almost confused to the point where they said thanks and resumed eating the rest of the meal.  My answer to this complete stranger was simple.  The first two word to my answer were “I’m alive.”  The next three words were, “I AM GRATEFUL.”

Can you imagine waking every morning in a state of gratitude and giving thanks to your creator for allowing you to live another day?  It’s truly amazing!  Where do you begin?

The answer is simply, right where you are.  How?  By saying Thanks …….