I Enjoy Messaging Shirt

When I first started pressing shirts a little over three years ago. It wasn’t to start a business, it was to be able to where a message on a shirt I wanted to wear.   Also, it was to create my own messages regarding my insurance business to production question which opened a dialog to a conversation about insurance.

What ensued later was people asking me to create a shirt for them.  So, in my spear time, I would create shirts for friends and people I met in passing.  I have since added a Cameo 3 machine that helps produce more products with vinyl.  Below is one of the women’s shirts I have created with my vinyl machine.

560 (6)

The below hooding is also created with my Cameo machine.  This is actually fun to create.

Mesquite Texas red and white

I would encourage anyone who has a great idea about anything to test the waters with all their social media outlets to see if there is any interest in your ideas.  You never know until you try.  Case in point; I created a simple shirt with no graphics that said focused.

I posted a picture of the shirt on facebook with the first week it produced the modest results below.  Nothing to write home to mother about.  But it provided gages that I could work with.  Would the colors matter?  Would the material work? I pursued this and was able to learn a great deal from all my interactions.  I would ask questions on what colors would work best or what color combinations would be a good seller.


The below shirt we changed the font and surprising sold more units with the color blue lettering which was derived through the facebook focused group of just asking people questions.

Focused 1

I am no guru or highly successful individual selling thousands of shirts daily.  But, what I and advise on and encourage you to try is that one thing you are interested in doing.  Perhaps you may have thought your idea may not work or no one will be interested in what you have to sell or service.  The only way you will be sure is to bring it to the market place and see if there is an interest in it.  If not, tweak the idea a little and reinsert it back into the market place to test.   In any event, don’t give up.