Why Add Supplemental Benefits

I recently conducted a phone survey and asked one-hundred people what they thought about supplemental health benefits.  I was surprised to find out that only twenty-one out of one-hundred people I surveyed knew what supplemental benefits were.

However, once explained to the seventy-nine people who had no clue what the supplemental benefits were and how they can benefit an employee and their immediate family members.  They were astonished why so many employers did not offer them these benefits, especially when it is no cost to the employer or the company for offering it to their employee’s supplemental benefits.

How Can Supplemental Benefits Add Value to A Company’s Benefit Package?

Having supplemental benefits as part of the company’s benefit package is not only a smart move.  It allows employees to have more affordable options for health care catered to the employee’s individual needs.  Providing employees with sense of security for themselves and their families. 

It provides a level of specific options that are not usually offered with the standard health care plans. Providing supplemental benefits health package will create the opportunity for a company to retain talented employees as well.

Supplemental Benefits are employee paid driven, allowing the employer to save money while enhancing their benefit package offering.

Employees who elect to pay for supplemental benefits have options that are not associated with medical health care plans.  As health care cost rise many people are seeking a way to offset their cost and obtaining supplemental benefits as a safety net.

Supplemental Benefits are Paid directly to the employee who has a supplemental benefit package in place.  When they need to access a covered benefit, the money is paid directly to the employee for them to use the money as they see fit.  Whether they want to their mortgage, car payment, or simply purchase groceries with the benefit that was paid to them.  They have options.