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If You Had One Wish For Christmas What Would You Wish For?

I am conducting a quick survey. If you had one wish for Christmas what would it be? Before you answer I want to your to consider your answer and ask yourself, “is this truly what I would ask for?” Then give your first answer and then your revised answer.
Thanks for being a part of my survey. This survey is for a article that I am writing and the quality of the answer percentage is what I am interested in. The answer if you are sincere has true value and meaning.
Thanks again and have a great day

Great Health Before Financial Wealth

I have a question for you?  Do you pursue good health in front of wealth?  Or can you pursue both?  I wanted to open this idea up to the public and find out the thoughts of those who have achieved this or are in pursue of it.  That balance that allows us to enjoy the best of both worlds.  Of course everyone’s opinions is different, that is what makes this so interesting.  I am interested you your input.  Please post your thoughts.

I have just started a group on facebook called Motivated To Be Fit and invite you to join me in discussions, ideas, and tips on being healthy.  I will also be logging my journey to becoming fit as well. The link you can follow below.


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Take Action

The details are in the preparation. This is when you do all your research, get your facts, analyze, scrutinize and make your final decisions on what should be done. Once you have all this together you say to yourself “I am ready.” Or perhaps not, because you need to understand certain things a little better and get more clarity to diminish the cloud of uncertainty. Maybe your nerves are in the way to push the final button, to pick up the phone to make the call back or follow up visit. The detail are in the preparation but the results comes from taking action.
For major corporations about to merge or take over another company. The details are in the preparation of course, all legalities must be put in place, what stays the same and what changes must be determine before the acquisition. However, in network marketing the details are in little preparation followed by your action. You learn as you go forward. This business allows anyone with no special skills, no particular background, no specific ethnicity, no one gender, and no special status in life to become successful.

Before I started my own business, I watched and sat on the sidelines while others spent their money eager with anticipation to start to build a business like ordinary people before them did. The home maker, the mother, the single father, the grandmother, the grandfather, the sister, the brother, the doctor with a successful practice, the lawyer, the civil servant, the college student, the coach, the basketball player, the football player, all manner of pro-athletes, and people from all walks of life set their sails on a journey of an exciting growing industry called network marketing.

It's insane how many peoples are looking for better ways.
It’s insane how many peoples are looking for better ways.

I shortly found out that I was stuck on the side lines just watching, saying to myself “I will start soon too.” I asked myself “is there really any truth to this despite proof of watching my own family grow in their own business?” I had the audacity to ask myself such a question when the truth was right in my face. I started to wonder, why didn’t I join when my sister first asked me too? Ah ha! I know. My sister was more successful with more contacts than I. She had a knack for talking to people and I thought who would listen to me. After all I am just an ordinary person. I am not that outgoing and know nothing about sales. I also reasoned with myself on how I would even raise the start up money. There were so many reasons why I shouldn’t join and perhaps it’s not for me, I thought. 419705_370855996271328_519743877_n

One day I went to a meeting the company sponsored. I saw a little old lady and I asked myself, what on earth is she doing here? I took a seat in the back so not to be noticed by anyone. What I learn in that meeting was that little old lady was not able to get by with her pension check. You see, she was struggling to get by like so many ordinary people who are even gainfully employed, to pay her bills, and to do simple things many take for granite, put food on the table. At the ripe wonderful age of seventy-nine she had hoped for something better. She believed there was a better way and striven for something better.

Not only did she joined the company. She was a successful money earner who became the ultimate trend setter in her family. When her family saw the changes in her life they asked questions and she politely answered them and guided them to building their own businesses. Sort of like my sister tried to do for me. Then it hit me, if this retired low speaking women can leap in the vast industry of network marketing and become successful. What’s stopping me? When I was at the meeting I saw young people, elderly individuals, middle age people having fun and they were happy. I wanted that. I wanted to be happy and not have to worry about how I am going to pay my next bill. I wanted that so bad, I asked myself again, “What’s stopping me?” It was my excuses, my fear, and my unbelief in myself, the fear of failure and embarrassment of everyone laughing at me when I failed.

I realize I had to make a decision either allow my excuses and fear to chain me down and continue doing the insanity of working every day for someone who his living their dreams, Or take a bold stand and venture out fear and all into the abyss of the unknown world of network marketing. Guess what? Remember in the beginning I said the detail is in the preparation? Well despite all the people taught me I ventured out with my own way of doing things when I first got started. I put together a little office in my house where I would make phone calls. I put positive saying quoted by other successful people on the walls. I set up my computer, cleaned it out and got prepare to build my very own database of prospects.

The first month went by in the business and I had made no money. The second month went by still not a dime. I bought business cards, flyers, tapes and the third month came around and I haven’t made a dime. In my fourth month I asked for help and explained all that I have done and the person said “that’s great! Let me ask you, how many people have you talked to about your business?” I thought for a minute and answer two, but they were not interested I explained. My mentor said “there is your problem.” Then he said something so profound to me.

He said “Think of it like this David, the people of our society are in a burning building and you have a chance to save every last one of them. Strap on your fire gear and apply the safe passage for all those you will save. How many people do you want to save? He asked me.” I said “all them.” My mentor then said something I wasn’t prepared for. He said David, that is very noble on your part but, you have to remember this is a burning build and its lot of people you are trying to save. There may be casualties, you want be able to save everyone. Just like you don’t get to choose who lives or dies? If you want to save everyone you have to have a plan in place to strategically bring everyone to safe passage.” Then he said, “The key to bringing everyone to safety is taking the right action steps that yields the best possible results.” Take MASSIVE ACTION!!!!


I finally got it, it’s not about me. It’s about helping others achieve their goals, live their passions and ultimately live their dreams. When we help enough people obtain what they want, we inevitably will receive everything we want.
Living life without boundaries.

If you want to learn about an exciting company that can without a shadow of a doubt allow you to reach your full potential in life. That will help you learn critical components of successful principles with the capacity teach others to live an exciting life boundaries. I would like to help you achieve what you want.
As always, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this posting. I hope to engage your thinking and uplift, inform and open new windows of opportunities to you. God Bless and have a great day.

Face Your Fears

Fear, we all had it and may still have some sort of fear right now. For some people fear can be downright frightening and can alter reality. Fear is something we learn as we grown up. When you were a toddler you were fearless. Learning how to walk, you fall down and get back up. You fall off sofa’s you cry and do it again and if not watched touch things that can harm you constantly because you didn’t know any better. Because you had NO FEAR! Don’t let fear chain you down to where it alters your path in life.

I found this online and thought this is perfect for this discussion.
I found this online and thought this is perfect for this discussion.

Wishing for fear to go away is not the same as facing your fears. I remember a long time ago as a young teenager I use to have trouble in school a lot. We had this bully in one of my classes who use to rile up the other kids including myself often. I use to think of going to school bully free and was naive enough to believe it was possible. I had soon found out it wasn’t but the thought of not being bullied stayed on my mind all the time. I realize I was consumed with finding a solution not only for myself but also for my classmates as well.
Every day I would try to be nice to the kid that always bullied me and my classmates. I would even go as far as trying to befriend him and bribe him and later found that tactic would prove futile. Until one night on television I was watching a regular nightly program that touched base with bullying. This gave me ideas on different methods to try and as a last resort would be violence or embarrassment. I didn’t want to try any of latter because I was afraid.

This was the first time I realize without knowing it then I would have to prepare myself to face my fears. I really didn’t understand my fear to even know how to deal with it, let alone confront what I feared. I did the next best thing. I asked my mother as if I was the second party person for a friend. I know the advice I received was somehow not for my friend but for me. My mother played along at first and then made a visit to the school unbeknownst to me and was able to see firsthand what I and my classmates were going through. bully-4

I later found out she had tears streaming from her face as she watched the bully terrorize other kids in lunchroom and as well in the classes as the teacher would turn his back and write on the black board. My mother never said she was at the school right away but she would enlist the help of my uncle who have been in the military to sit down and have a talk with me. The first thing my uncle did was tell me a story on how he was bullied in high school. The story resonated with me because it was what I was experiencing at the time he was telling me his story of long ago.

It’s funny as well as strange, once my uncle finish his story I felt a sense of relief. Not because he cared and loved me enough to tell me what he went through as a teenager. I was relieve to know there was nothing wrong with me and that facing bullies is part of life and part of growing up. Once my uncle finished his story he asked me one simple question. What do you fear? That is when I let the barn doors open and the cows came home, metaphorically speaking. I opened up and allowed my uncle to visualize all that had happen. I have also explained all the things that I tried and didn’t work. My uncle commended me and said sometimes bullies have their own deficiencies, their own fears and don’t want anyone to know or see them because that is their fear.

My uncle explained there comes a time in everyone’s life where they should face their fear. With most bullies you can either mentally fight back with words or with action. My uncle said stern words should be tried first and if prove unsuccessful then followed up with action. In my case all it took was for me to confront the bully in front of a lot of people and he never bullied me or my classmates again. I faced my fears and realize one thing early on. Fear if you let it can not only consume you but change your life and keep you from realizing your full potential in life.

So what is it you fear? Is it starting that new business? Perhaps asking for a raise, or asking what you believe could be the love of your life on that first date. Remember the little toddler within and become fearless again, soar through the skies of uncertainty knowing you were fearless and no matter the outcome. You can relish in the victory of knowing you did not let you fear hold you back from another learning experience to better yourself, to reach your destiny in life’s journey, or perhaps become one of the happiest people on earth by finding the love of your life.

Again, I would like to thank you for reading my post. I always try to have a positive message that will uplift and encourage you to move forward in the quest of life. My hope for you is to be able to face your biggest fear in life and reap the rewards of victory. God bless and have a great day.


There are times where you can be mentally stretched to what may seem like unimaginable lengths, or perhaps you may not have a clear direction or handle on of the path you want to take. You find your self stuck in a state of dysfunctional progression with the misconception of saying to yourself if “I’ll keep on doing the same thing until I am able to find a way or answer to the dilemma I am facing.” At the same time you are being torn in every direction and the confusion seems as if will not stop. You may even ask why you cannot find an answer to the ever elusive question, “how”.

Sometimes if you take twenty minutes to an hour and be still to meditate or deeply reflect on your situation you can find solace in the answers that gives comfort, resilience, strength, and clarity to move forward in the ocean of uncertainty. We sometimes have to put on the breaks and stop!!! Reflect, detect, and dissect what is the root cause of confusion or uncertainty. Without knowing where you are now will be detrimental to where you end up later.

Reflection allows us to assess what has happen and take stock, and re-position ourselves to be more effective. It also allows us to learn from past mistakes and successes which will enable our futures to benefit from the good and avoid the mishaps of the past. Detection is to realize you may have veered off course a little and need some readjustment. In life we tend to get off course and sometimes if we are not careful will end up in places we might regret being. It is also the beginning stages of taking full responsibility for our actions and not blame others for our decisions up to the point of detection. Detection affords us the opportunity to take action and get ready for change.

To dissect allows us to examine and evaluate how mistakes came about or what enabled you to produced successful results. You will deconstruct critical elements as you delve into the mass details by expanding microscopic units of action taken. For instance; this could be the five minutes you spent on the phone wasting time, or the T.V show you could not miss, or hanging out with the boys or girls. I’m sure you get the picture. I want to forewarn you; this is a critical process and step that should not be taken lightly. To dissect is an integral part to gaining clarity and clarity will give a renew sense of focus to your journey and eliminate the confusion. The process of dissecting will help you formulate further truths about yourself that otherwise may have been undetected had you not gone the process of dissecting.

So is resilience something that we can produce at any time? Or is it something that will occur when the odds are stacked against us and it’s almost if there is no other way out of a situation but to go right through the treacherous storms of life to come out on the other side in one piece with all our faculty in tack?
What’s your take? Do you remember a time you have shown great resilience?

Success Is Possible

Success is all around us. It’s there for you and I to seize the opportunity to eradicate past failures and relish in the successes of the future. Why aren’t more people successful? It’s simple and however, disheartening but a harsh reality, is they don’t truly don’t believe they can be successful. The lack of belief is almost like a sickness in itself.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”
Napoleon Hill.

“For as he thinketh in his heart so his he.”
Proverbs 23:7

Think about this for a moment, if things are not going your way you have the power to change your situation starting with how you thing, what you think, the information you take in and the people you associate with. We been giving instructions on how to do this a long time ago and many people have ignored the instructions.

“be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind”
Romans 12:2

You can change the way we think that will ultimately provide different outcomes. So many of us have been condition as children by being told; you can’t do that, stop that, and here is a big one, “No.” Perhaps you been around people who have said to you at some point “you can’t do that” or “that’s impossible”. These people who say that may not mean no to harm you but since they can’t see it for themselves it’s IMPOSSIBLE for them to see it for you. They, in essence impose their own limiting beliefs on you and if you accept it, then you only limit your own growth.

I want to help you break the chains of mediocre and move you into the change that will super ignite your future with success. The first thing you must realize is you can do anything humanly possible. It all starts with your belief system. Like a computer, we must input information to get a desired result. If we want to see windows on our computer we have to download Microsoft windows and configure it to work correctly. Once we configure it to work correctly we then can tweak to look the way we want and do certain thing we would like it to do. Including changing screen savers, have the weather come up when the desktop loads and so on.

Our brains are like a great big intricate computer system too. So wouldn’t make sense to input information to obtain results we so desire. For instance; when a person decides they want to learn to drive they either pick up a learner’s permit book to learn the laws first and take a written or computer test to prove they understand the laws of the road. Then one would have to PRACTICE driving on the road with an experience license driver who has a proven track record in good standing.

The key here is; when getting ready to drive there are things you must learn and practice constantly and consistently to become a good driver. Well, it’s the same with your life. Whatever you decide you want to do there are rules that govern what you must learn to create what you desire. You may have to learn new academic skills, if you want to enter the technical arena you will have to learn technical skills, and if you want to become more likable, have more friends, you have to learn and improve your social skills.

The great news is there are books on just about anything you can imagine to learn. You have to know it’s POSSIBLE!!! It all starts with you believing you can learn to become a better version of you. You must become who you were truly destine to be. You have the POWER to ACHIEVE SUCCESS beyond your wildest imagination. You just need to prove to yourself you can do it! Remember it doesn’t matter what anyone else says. All that matters is what you say to you when everyone stops talking. Let me help you here. I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!

I hope this has been an inspirational message and hope to inspire and enriched the lives of all who have taken the time out of their busy schedule to read this. I would love to get your feedback so please comment.

Thanks and have a super Bless and productive Day!!!!