Earn Money From Home

I have been a part of this business for about five years now.  The one thing I can take away from starting my own business is the incredible relationships that are forged while building a business from home.  It wasn’t alway easy and a lot of work goes into helping others grow their business.  But, what is so amazing about the journey, are all the lessons learned along the way.

The ultimate take away, is the freedom from working a nine to five job.  Below is a video I want to share with you.  What’s so Ironic is, someone asked me five years ago to watch a video online and, I have been thanking them ever since.  Be open to a new idea that can change your life forever.

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Stream Business Presentation with CSO Steve Fisher from Stream (Stream Energy) on Vimeo.

Amazing Video Shows How To Start A Home Busines For Free!

Before watching this Amazing video, I want to warn you and advise you to sit down because you are not going to believe your ears and eyes.  Before watching this video I want you to think, I mean really think what could you do with some extra money a month.

Why would you need to earn extra money?  What would it mean to you and all around you?

NOW WATCH THIS AMAZING VIDEO…  Once your done email me with “I want to get started ”  the the subject  field.  to davidburton443@gmail.com  I will help you every step of the way to turn nothing into something extroardinary.

Where Do I Begin

I was asked the other day by a complete stranger who some how arrives at a restaurant around the same time I arrive or may or already be sitting down enjoying their lunch. The question caught me a little off guard, they asked how can you be happy almost every time I see you?  My answered must have really confused them at first because the looked bewildered when I answered.  My answer was simple and only two words.  The person was completely taken back to the point as they were in total dis-belief at the answer I gave them.

Two powerful words, lead to another three powerful words.  Those words had this total stranger almost confused to the point where they said thanks and resumed eating the rest of the meal.  My answer to this complete stranger was simple.  The first two word to my answer were “I’m alive.”  The next three words were, “I AM GRATEFUL.”

Can you imagine waking every morning in a state of gratitude and giving thanks to your creator for allowing you to live another day?  It’s truly amazing!  Where do you begin?

The answer is simply, right where you are.  How?  By saying Thanks …….


Simple Beginnings

I remember when I first started my home business.  The excitement of the unknown and possibilities to grow.  But, never did I imagine the friendships I will build along the way or the laughter I would experiencing from so much fun.  It’s been one incredible ride that allowed me to forge solid relationships with value.   My business is by no means rags to riches because I am still growing.  One thing I will share here is, if you are thinking about starting a business from home due your due diligence and ACT.   Don’t be afraid to open the door to a new beginning.  A new chapter in your life being solely dependent on yourself for income.

The great thing about being self employed, is you get to choose how much you want to earn.  You give your self a raise when you want.  You set the ground rules to live by.  You ultimately have the opportunity to raise the bar by the quality of your determination, effort, work ethics, and ability to learn from your past mistakes as well as capitalizing on your strengths.

How successful you become all is determined by how successfully you believe you can be.

The amazing thing is, it’s all up to you.


The Count Down Begins

A entire year has past and so much has happened since I have last written on my blog.  I really miss writing on this venue.  Since I will have more time to write I guess I will start just by getting to know everyone and follow a few blogs and post some pictures of events and updates.

It’s amazing what you can do when you have options.  Right now, my options are spending time in the gym and getting in shape with some of the free time I have that I didn’t have before.  Don’t get me wrong I have a long way and I know the journey will meet with ups and downs but I am in it to win it. This is me trying to work out at the gym with my grandson.

This link shows me working the fat off my arms.  Working the fat off.

The count down begins and in three more weeks I will be attending one of the most exciting events of the year.  It is Ignition time.  For all of you who don’t know what that means.  It is time for everyone in our company to get together and celebrate their hard work and success through out the previous year.  I will not miss it for nothing in the world.

I post some pics here in three weeks.  You are going to see all the fun we had.  Until then, have a great night and day.



There are six days left to ignition!!! I love these events. You get to meet so many people who are working toward a common goal and that to help others live a life without boundaries while helping others you are setting yourself free. FREEDOM!!! This is truly explosive and I for one, am stoked!

The network marketing industry is exploding with various companies helping to facilitate ordinary individuals into time seeking freedom bandits and we are not looking back. What about you?