Learn A New Skill For The New Year

Did you ever think it is time to upgrade your skills? I think of this all the time but want to learn so much and at my age it is feeling like I am running out of time. What must a person to do? Choose something. It really doesn’t matter what you choose. If want to learn about photography, purchase a camera if you don’t already have one and start taking small online courses. Start small and scale up to larger projects.

The key take away is to start. That is where a great deal of people get stuck and never move forward. You don’t have wait until the year end or begins. You can start learning something new every month if you have the time, or every three months. A great site to visit to dip you feet into the learning atmosphere is Udemy.com. You can find a topic of your interest and dive in. The cost per course varies.


LinkedIn Learning

If you are a member of linked you can pay per cost or you can subscribe for the year. I have paid $238.88 for my annual subscription and it allows me to learn all I want on as many topics I desire. This is huge!!! If you enjoy learning this is a must have. You will be able to set weekly goals on how much time you would like to learn. See the picture below. When you sign up right on the front page of your account it will show how much time you have completed for the week. The picture shows zero minutes for this week and eighty minutes for last week.

Skill Share

Skill Share is another great site to keep your learning tools sharpened. You can learn from people who are at the top of their game teaching what they do best. Learning new skills will help with self esteem, attribute to your marketability in society, and can be a major contributor to your financial gains. What will you learn this month?

This picture is me writing this article.

I have to admit I really enjoy reading and learning something new. Most of the books I am accustomed to reading are technical and motivational books. I am curious about what you generally read. I want to know what you think.